I’ve come to some realizations.

I love the sound of the ocean.

I really don’t like sitting on my butt all day.

Said butt has gotten a little bit bigger, along with the rest of me.

Ending a decade-long tumultuous relationship + unstable job situation = too much food consumption.

I’m not very adept at saving money.

In two months I will be turning 29.

I have a ton of “I want to’s” and not nearly enough ” I have done’s”.

I’m not sure what I’ve been waiting for – the proverbial sound of the gun signifying the start of the race, or some sort of state of being to indicate my life is in motion, that I’m in it.. . .

One of my guilty pleasures is Grey’s Anatomy – ( an aside, prepare yourself for pop-culture references and quotes from random sources)

Izzie said this to George – ” There are doers, and there are watchers. I don’t want to be a watcher anymore.”

This blog’s purpose is to chronicle what’s been going on as of late in my life – the biggest upheaval of self-questioning and inner soul-searching that I think I’ve ever experienced thus far.I have less than 2 months before my contract with MSHC is up. Then, like the slow clicking ascent of a rollercoaster- reaching the top- there will be a moments hesitation, the final tipping of the mechanisms, a squeeze of the heart, and then. . .I’ll be flying.


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